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Telemarketing lists take care of your telemarketing campaigns. This is a quick method of engaging with your customers and solving their queries in one go. You get instant feedback which will help you to act in the moment and grab the attention of the customer.

This list is for whichever business wants to close the deal quickly. As you get to speak with the customers directly and stand a chance to convince them.

Phone Lists For Sale

With telemarketing, your interaction with the customers is more personal on a one-to-one basis. Research says that customers prefer speaking to a person over using the internet when making crucial life decisions. The queries of the customers can be addressed at length.

Cold call lists

It takes time and effort to proactively find the right prospects at the right time with the right message. Timing is crucial in getting a customer because of competitors out there.

If you are thinking of how to go about it, stop worrying and tell us to get leads for you. We will expand your reach without a minute of your time spent in researching.

Residential Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists designed to make you money. Targeted Phone Lists Designed to bring you ROI immediately. All our telemarketing lists are designed to INCREASE your weekly sales volume or appointments booked.

 Wholesale rates for Call Centers and those with Dialers 


You will get a high quality targeted list. You can use this to maximize your chance of converting leads into prospects and eventually customers.


  • Consumer Telemarketing lists
  • Business Prospects Phone Lists
  • Regular or Mobile
  • All phones or DNC cleansed
  • Brand New Listings

 Cell Phone Lists For Sale

We offer updating of your in-house lists. We can also Append missing phone numbers ( regular and mobile). Sourced from over 23 public sources and we are constantly adding in fresh new data.

 Most Any type of geography selects are available , ZIP, Radius, Storm, St, County, Areacode etc 

If needed…we can scrub / update your current lists to insure that they meet all the Do Not Call guidelines. This way you can call with confidence! It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all telemarketing rules & regulations. For any questions, please refer to the FTC website.

We have the following features to offer you:

  1. Consumer telemarketing lists
  2. Business prospects phone lists
  3. Regular or mobile
  4. All phones or DNC cleansed
  5. Brand new listings
  6. Updation of in-house lists
  7. Appending of missing phone numbers
  8. Updation of current lists to meet the Do Not Call guidelines
  9. Compliance with all the telemarketing rules and regulations

Things to consider before you chose us:

Pricing: We provide you with optimum price quotes according to your requirements

Lead Generation: We provide you with fresh leads every time you ask for it

Return Policy: If there is an issue with the details of the lead, you get your money back

  • Quality: We never trade quality for quantity
  • Service: We believe in providing service at all costs

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