Targeted Direct Mail Lists

Custom Targeted Mailing Lists, Telemarketing Lists and Emails Lists

Quite often a targeted prospect list  is a far better ROI spend than a general list such as an Occupant or EDDM list.  An inexpensive EDDM or Occ-Res list can be a huge waste of money as compared to a carefully crafted targeted lead list, in terms of return on your invetment.

This targeted list will  save you the most amount of money…. How? 

Simple really, by NOT sending your message to NON-Prospects.

Our targeted Email lists, Telemarketing List or Direct Mail lists are based on your specific needs for a particular campaign that are matched to fresh new prospects that are most likely to respond to that message.

Why “save” money to reach 10,000 “generic households”  at  $1,700 for example,  when you can precisely target 3,000 households for $800 and yield 25% MORE new customers than if you spent $1,700?

Any serious campaign needs a carefully thought out & targeted Residential or B2B Prospect List.

Call for assistance  in deciding the criteria for that prospect list, from an account rep that has 10+ years experience.

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A quick example of a targeted list.

A retirement home  wants to target prospects within a 20 mile radius of their campus and filter be age, income and home value. Perfect targeting RIGHT? ……  ALMOST….at Lead List Data we also take the time to also OMIT who’s NOT a prospect within those parameters. We take the time to filter out of that list  ALL of the residences at OTHER (competitive) retirement communities within that marketing area.  Now you aregetting a properly targeted list.

Our proprietary system and 40 years of experience offer Direct Marketers, Mail houses, Graphic Printing, Printers, Mailers, Call Centers and Digital Marketers  a way to save much more than before.  Establish new territories and expand into new markets, while saving $1,000’s in marketing costs because of how we target your prospects and who we OMIT.

We can target the consumer lead list based on the following:

  1. Demographic data
  2. Geographically: ( by Radius, Zip code, County, Drive Time, Any shape map, State in the USA or Canada)
  3. Lifestyle and Purchases
  4. Behavior data
  5. Plus over 60 more selections

B2B lead list targeting:

  1. Geographically ( Radius, Zip, County, Drive Time etc)
  2. Type of Industry & or SIC codes
  3. Specific Job title such as Owner- partner, Mgr, Facilities, HR & More
  4. Employee size and or gross sales
  5. Corporation or Sole Proprietors
  6. Square footage, building owners, Years established and more

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