Data cleansing is the process of identifying and modifying any data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant or duplicate.

Every business needs to have data consistency and reliability in the modern era of digitization.

Data Cleansing Examples

Data quality is crucial to your operational, marketing and transactional processes within the company and to the reliability of business analytics/ business intelligence reporting. Data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. Typically the process involves updating it, standardizing it, and de-duplicating records to create a single view of the data, even if it is stored in multiple disparate systems.

Data Cleansing Steps

We will take your data and update it to todays standards and accuracy, saving the wasted time and sometime extreme cost of marketing with outdated data as far as direct mailings, emailings, outbound telemarketing & the man hours behind that.

Data Cleansing Tools

Accurate customer data is essential since the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in Europe in May 2018.

The services that we provide are:

  1. Rectify all the irregularities in the data
  2. Update old and obsolete data
  3. Identify and remove duplicate records
  4. Add missing details in the data
  5. Enhance the data with additional information
  6. Suggest new variables to enrich the data
  7. Organize mailing lists
  8. Ensure consistent attribute names
  9. Create homogeneous pools of data
  10. Perform referential integrity checks
  11. Address data  cleansing
  12. Data audit and aggregation
  13. Synchronize the data present in different systems

With Our data cleansing strategy you will get the following benefits:

  1. Reduce marketing costs
  2. Save time in dealing with incorrect records
  3. Improve marketing efforts by using accurate data
  4. Increase business revenues
  5. Updated customer information

Things to consider before you chose us:

  • Pricing: We provide you with optimum price quotes according to your requirements
  • Lead Generation: We provide you with fresh leads every time you ask for it
  • Return Policy: If there is an issue with the details of the lead, you get your money back
  • Quality: We never trade quality for quantity
  • Service: We believe in providing service at all costs