Data Append Services

Missing email addresses?   Missing mobile or landline phones?   Missing complete demographic details? such as age, income, product usage, lifestyle (and about 240 more attributes?) This lets us “complete the picture” of your existing customers ( or a randopm sample) and reveal EXACTLY who they are….NOW we can find similar prospects and also marketing channels….Now we are prospecting efficiently.

Data appending helps you to fill missing elements in your existing customer files such as missing emails, incomplete postal information, demographic information and a plethora of other usefull data fields.   Appending this type of data gives you a more complete “profile” of your existing customer information.

Why bother?….

Add missing emails, now you have a new avenue to reach your existing customers.

Add in missing mobile phones, now you have ANOTHER way to reach them.

Add demographic attributes.. Now you can find similar prospects.


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Who has used the Data Appending?

Cleveland Orchestra, Univ Wisc research & Survey, Renewal by Andersen etc


Elements we can append to consumer data :

  • Email addresses ( to all emails in the household or matched specifically to first and last name)
  • Phone appending (either Landline or Mobile or both and DNC flagging)
  • Current USPS postal addresses
  • Intelleigent Demographics such as:
  • Age, Income, Home value, Age of Home, Presence of Child, presence of grandparents,
  • Vehicle type, Mortgage type, Education  and over 146 more elements

B2B appending can add elements such as:

  1. Contact name and job title appending
  2. Industry type appendingContact information appending
  3. Physical address appending
  4. Email appending to specific contact names & job titles
  5. URL appending
  6. Fax appending
  7. Phone appending (landline or mobile)

Fill the missing important data elements in your database with Lead List Data Appending services.