Cloning Your Customers to Find New Similar Prospects.

it is FIVE times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to sell to existing customers.

Your existing customers hold MAJOR INSiGHTS that help to find new prospects similar to them.

This is where we come in

We discover  those “Major Insights”.  This allows you to save BIG marketing money$$

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We will provide you with the details of such insights and enable you to market your products or services to the perfect prospect while spending the least amount of money possible.

You cannot get better ROI than that.

In a nutshell…. we take a list of your best customers or clients, (or a random subset of them) and append intelligent attributes to your best customers, this builds us a demographic “profile” of who they really are, in depth.  We apply this profile to all the prospects  in any marketing area you desire to  find the Perfect Prospect.

Now you are armed with new “intel” that aims your marketing efforts to JUST the Perfect Prospect, at the same time NOT wasting ANY dollars marketing to non-prospects.

We can also find and append new WAYS to reach your existing customers AND those Perfect Prospects. such as: 

Email addreses, Phone Numbers ( landline or mobile) or IP addresses that let us digitally deliver your message to all devices in the Household of that Perfect Prospect OR your existing customers!

STOP wasting 1,000’s or TENS of 1,000’s dollars reaching out to unqualified or dis-similar prospects.

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