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When you think about it, Political Campaigns have a lot in common with Sales and Marketing Campaigns.  Usually most of “the sale” is not convincing people that they need to do something; but rather convincing them they need to do something with you, instead of your competitor.

          This thought came to my mind recently when I saw the news that a major candidate for POTUS was spending $30 Million! on updating, expanding, and appending their campaign email list.  When I saw this also remembered the big drop in political junk mail and bulk mail I have received over the last few election cycles.  While every business and situation is different, we are clearly seeing politicians moving away from direct mail to Email.  So that is definitely food for thought if you have not been using Email as part of your recent marketing campaigns.

          Fortunately at Lead List Data we have over 25 years’ experience offering Leads and Lists of every stripe and channel. We offer: Email, Direct Mail, and Phone Lists and are agnostic and unbiased about which method works best for you, our client. Our many years of experience, serving many different industries gives us the knowledge and expertise to help you decide which channel works best for you.  While still offering the most value in the industry.

          With well over 340 Million Consumer Email addresses Lead List Data can certainly handle a $30 Million Email Campaign.  But as a small business ourselves, we will never turn our backs on $30,000 or even $3,000 campaigns. 

          At Lead List Data March is Email month.  So for example at a $30,000 commitment, we can offer 20,000 specially targeted Emails per week for 8 Weeks, and another 20,000 follow up Emails to the original emails, for another 8 weeks. Total 16 week campaign.

Give us a call and let us help you with our expertise on Email Marketing, Direct mail, Telemarketing lists, and Email appending etc. And follow this link to see more on our Email offering here: https://leadlistdata.com/custom-email-lists/

Regards, John L 610-834-8585