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Data Enrichment …also known as Data Appending …What is it?   

Data Enrichment and Data Appending Services enhance your existing customer files by adding additional information and making them more useful, and thus more profitable to your business. More specifically Data Enrichment creates a more complete demographic profile of each record (person) and adds or corrects crucial marketing information such as Email Addresses, Phone Numbers (both Landline or Mobile) and/or Social Information.  At Lead List Data we can append hundreds of additional intelligent attributes cross checked from multiple highly accurate sources. And then accurately merge the new and updated information to your existing customer data to build a robust and more in-depth, more accurate, more profitable customer profile. You will then be able to make more informed marketing decisions and acquire new prospects at a SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS.  

How will Data Enrichment it benefit your company? 

Most of our customers ask their people who are “on the phone” to help update and enhance customer records. And that is definitely not a bad thing to do.  But having part of a strategy, is not the same thing as having a real Data Enhancement Strategy.  Do you pay your people to make Database Enhancement their main job? Or is it more of a lower priority side-job.  And what about all the customers who haven’t called in lately.  Do you want to let those relationships go cold Or would you rather re-contact them based on your newly enriched, improved, and appended customer profile.  

Do I really need Data Enrichment?

At Lead List Data one of our clients thought they were marketing very efficiently. But they did agree to let us do a thorough investigation to see if we could help.  As it turns out there were 27% MORE high quality prospects nearby. They were unable to market these prospects because they were not even aware of who they were! They really needed a Data Enrichment to stop losing these sales unknowingly.  And our program helped them reach this “new” market at a significantly lower cost than most alternatives.  

Is data appending really worth it?

Many people we talk to understand the need to enhance and append customer records. But they push off doing it to pursue one more “pure” marketing campaign. They don’t realize they could be saving $2,000 to $20,000 on those same marketing campaigns.   They don’t realize they aren’t efficiently reaching near perfect prospects? Customer Cloning also known as Look Alike Marketing is and offshoot of Data Appending that allows you to target brand new prospects that have the exact same attributes as your existing customers.    Look Alike Marketing can reach these new customers at HALF the cost that you have previously spent.!Talk about efficient marketing and big ROI !  

Who has already benefited from these plans?

National name brand replacement window companies. Major Universities, Consumer research companies, and Insurance companies are just a few of the clients we have already done this for.    Local and regional companies may have even more room for improvement and thus benefit even more. We track and cross check 240 different intelligent attributes. So you can select the specific qualities that make a fantastic prospect. Such as: Education level, Home Value, Presence of children, Years lived in their home, and many, many, more.  And of course we are always available to lend our 25 years of experience to help you guide you through the entire process. This is part of the reason our customers pick  over industry giants like  Experian or Epsilon.  We are a SMALL enough to stay CLOSE to each and every campaign and great listeners to your specific needs and end goals.  

In the Early Days

of data appending there was not nearly as much information to add to a customer file. And the accuracy and cross checking was far below our current standards.  So if you are still apprehensive based on some long ago horror story, you need to take another look at what we have available today.  Now with the advent of the digital revolution there is so much accurate data to append and enrich with it almost makes it impossible NOT to enrich your data.   Appending and Enriching information to bad or old data doesn’t make sense either. That’s why our data enrichment solution starts by validating the contact data you already have, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Once your records are cleaned, we can append missing or incomplete information and enhance your records with more than 240 available data attributes, including financial data, buyer propensity, automotive data, and much more. With accurate and personalized analysis, you can create customized messaging that helps your business to connect and engage with new prospects and customers.  

Data Cleansing

Recently we took a large Insurance companies old customer file and while cleansing it ( the first step) we noticed that over 15,000 of their records had moved and were no longer at the address they had on file. So we appended the current and correct street address and zip code then enhanced it further by appending a mobile phone and email address to the head of the household. Now they are back in communication with more than 15,000 old customers they had thought they lost! Every Old Customer record is now new again.  

The Append is your Friend

There is a wise old slogan in investing that “the Trend is your Friend”. Basically cautioning against betting against the market. Of course Data Appending isn’t like a stock or mutual fund investment.  But if you think about it, a good Data Appending program has the potential to pay off like few other things can.  Unless your existing customer records already have every marketing element ( Emails, Phones, Postal, IP, Social Data, ) and you have attached all the useful demographic attributes then you are missing important data and limiting yourself in how you can reach your clients and what exactly their Full Profile is which really helps you in defining more similar look A like prospects.  

In conclusion

if you have a customer and prospect database; data appending and data enrichment can make it better. Please contact us to let us show you how.