Email appending is considered to be one of the most affordable and fastest methods used to increase your ability to reach your own customers & clients via a new marketing channel AND with prospects you now have another marketing channel to deliver your message.

Sounds good, right? We following a strict email append and hygiene procedure your customer database an email address is now enhanced with a fresh new email address. Your are now able to reach out to your customer in a completely new avenue.

Here we are listing some of the best practices for email appending that can help boost up the growth of your company.




One of the best practices of email append is when a recipient is an existing customer, or they have a current business relationship that can be established with the marketer. For someone who is new to the field of email appending, it means that the customer has either bought any kind of a service or any product from the particular marketer, has donated in some kind of a way to the marketer or has a subscription service of the marketer. By these transactions, a business relationship is established between a potential customer and a marketer. Make sure that the recipient is always a customer and not a prospect, as that can be a negative point for the email appending.

If you are responsible for appending an email for the people who are not willingly volunteering their information for your company, then by law, you will be committing a crime. Make sure to double check before you initiate an email appending service.




There is no doubt about the fact that the whole process of the email append process is pretty much affordable and cost-effective. But be aware before you choose an append partner. One small mistake can result in a very costly price that you would have to pay. It is necessary that you choose a legitimate and proper append partner that has all the experience in email marketing. Also, another important trait to look for in an append partner is to make sure that they have a proper understanding of the guidelines and rules that are associated with the email appending.




Are you someone who matches according to the complicated algorithms? Or is a string level logic is appropriate for you? Make sure that your append partner can explain the complexities in a simple and more relative term. If not then they are not the ideal partners.




The consumer-centered email append consists of two kinds of matching. There is the Individual Matching, and theres the Household Matching. It depends on you what kind of a matching do you want. An individual matching would consist of a first and last name, and a particular street address matching and the household one usually consists of the last name and the street address matching. Some business prefers the use of household Matching. Household matching yield most or all the emails associated with a given household.



One of the main practices of email appending is making sure that the append provider provides a source for the email address. By having the source, you can contact with the consumer in case of any problem in the future. Although there are a very less number of complaints regarding the email marketing procedures.However, if such a situation ever arises, then it is better to have a source for an efficient removal of the user from the database.




Suppressions are extremely important when it comes to email appending. You need to make sure that a group of suppressions is run properly before actually sending the welcoming message to append an email address. The first step to do that would be to suppress the database. Then, select a particular provider that can successfully run a global suppression efficiently and remove the complainer and bounces, etc. the levels of the suppressions ensure that the delivery of the welcoming message is done smoothly and without any complaints.




Another one of the most common emails appending practices done in the industry is to send a welcome email to remove or scrub away the bounces from the database that is to be appended. This practice is done by the append provider. Make sure to do that if you are an append provider before actually sending the welcome email.




The Welcome Mail, also known as the Permission Pass or the Permission Mailing, is certainly an important aspect of email appending as it introduces your brand to the customers that are present in an online surrounding. One thing to keep in mind here is to make sure that a strong and prominent permission tone is displayed in the welcoming email. People should know about your expectations and intentions clearly. And a way to do that is to make the Welcome Mail a strong one –

  • Putting the Advertiser’s Name in the Form Line.
  • Don’t attempt to put a misleading content in the subject. Make it short and relevant.
  • Make sure that you list out all the positive effects to the consumer shortly and efficiently.
  • The welcoming email should have a link for opting out in case a consumer wants to do so.



Email appending is certainly a great way to deliver the messages that you have to the right place, at the correct time. The entire process of email appending ensures that the messages of yours are received by the correct customers that have active and using email addresses. You need to make sure that you are ahead in the game from your competitors and the best way to do that is to explore the different levels of potential that you have with the help of email appending.


Start The Messaging Instantly


After the completion of the welcoming email is done, make sure that you instantly start sharing the messages that you have to the consumers. It is mandatory to strike when it is the best time to do so. Wait for too long, and you will have yourself to blame for the losses. Make sure that you have the messages prepared beforehand to ensure their immediate sharing.

Email appending is one of the best practices to increase sale and add additional marketing channels. Before you go ahead and start your own venture, make sure that you know all about it.