The telemarketing lead generation is also known as inside sales. This a direct marketing method in which a prospective customer is solicited to buy services or products. This is done either by web conferencing or face to face or over the phone. However due to poor techniques and approaches telemarketing is quite hard enough to do so.

Below here we have given you 7 success hacks for telemarketing. Compare these points in rapports of your grounding so as to start a successful lead generation campaign using telemarketing.




Most of the inexperienced telemarketers think that they only need a list to call their customer. Or it is the management’s approach that takes to undertaking outbound calling. But this is not all that you require for telemarketing. You need to keep your database updated to know that whom you are calling so as to achieve success in telemarketing. You have to do many things:

  • Always keep the databases of your customer up to date.
  • Depending on the type of organisation, job function, locations and so on, decide the target of an audience.
  • Try to identify the best source of fresh data. You can build a data by yourself or you can purchase it from a list broker or ask a company to do it.



You cannot get away from it. No matter how hard you work on your audience you will always miss some of your targets when you call them. If you don’t attempt to call any decision makers or companies then you will not be doing any business with them.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have lots of prospects to beat all the odds. You will face lots of rejection and in order to be successful, you have to build up a head of steam. Even the best in this business has to handle objections and deal with rejection.

So to deal with all these obstacles you have to make enough calls to succeed. Try to make around 20-25 calls in an hour or set a minimum target of 100 calls per day. Try calling every week or month and make enough conversation with your audience which leads to sales opportunities.




After reaching your target decision maker you will not go any further if your audience can predict your opening lines, which are scripted within an inch. So it is important to build a rapport from the outset.

Try to keep your opening lines interactive and engaging so as to represent your company appropriately. Don’t use the same opening lines in every call, alter it depending on the call you make. Do not try to sound like a pushy telemarketer and try to come up with something more compelling such as your key message and benefit. Make them feel that they are in a good company.




Turning your message into a wow to the customer is not easy at all. How to make your customer jump out their seats? Well, it all depends on you. There aren’t any specific ways of building an excitement in your conversation. Your attitude of talking to him carries weight, motivate him by your conviction and attract them with your energy.

Try to find something which supports your efforts. Find out the challenges that your customer is facing and work on it. Say something, which resonates fast and differentiates your offerings and yourself from your competitors.




Asking questions is also a crucial part. It enables you to stop talking for some time and listen to your audience. Try to encourage the vision of the audience so as to make the conversation better. Provide them with the important pieces of information they need and discuss directly to the areas of interest.

Keep in mind that you have to stop yourself from sounding like other telemarketers so as to make the audience feel that they are in a good company. Build an agreement and trust with them which is very important. Asking good questions always plays an effective part in selling so spend time on these before you engage yourself in calling activity.




You cannot ask any random question all of a sudden so plan your questions in advance. Put on a set of profiling questions so as to make sure that the company or person is legitimate and authentic. And ask them solution selling questions in order to fulfil the need and start the next stage of the process of sales.

Your process of building list will remove probable targets which do not fit your requirements at all. However building a list and removing targets is not always possible, sometimes you have to do this through conversation. You have to ask the right question so as to evaluate probability.

You can ask questions on a number of series, a number of staffs, types, and number of machines, level of problem with the current approach etc. These are the key qualification questions, which are good for your business. So spend time on these and use them in your conversation.


Have Conversations, Not Presentations


Having a conversation with a prospect is not a monologue or presentation. It is a dialogue and you cannot expect anyone to respond to being talked at. Make sure the flow of discussion is at least 50:50 as you will not have much time on the phone. In most cases, the flow of discussion is 90:10 and as a result, the prospect hangs up.

The crucial part of telemarketing is building agreements. You have to build a trust and establish credibility with your prospect if you want to go far in telemarketing. So try to make your call effective and don’t think it as a mere presentation. Take this task as a time to build a trust and reach a point where you make your prospect asks you to explain more.


With these few easy tricks, you can surely make the process of telemarketing an ideal and simple one. Make sure you follow each and every one of them to ensure complete success.