One of the most important parts of a marketing project is to make sure that the brand or the product that you are trying to sell has the maximum consumers. This is what drives the business industry. And to know the perfect strategy of boosting up the sales of a particular brand is what every business owner dreams of.

Have you ever wondered the effects of cloning the customers will have in your business? Don’t know what we are talking about. Don’t worry because we are here to explain that in detail. Just imagine how great it will be if the next marketing strategy that you have is an extreme success and it is all because you were able to target the certain potential prospects that had almost the same characteristics as your loyal customers. Sounds good right? It most certainly is. And that is known as cloning.




Every other business owner knows that the importance of the potential prospects and the importance of the customers are certainly different. Every owner of a particular business wishes to have a long line of prospects when it comes to customer acquisition.

It makes perfect sense if you can target those special prospects that have all the behavioural instincts as your regular customers. And to do that you need to dig a bit deeper into the mind of your customers and your prospects.

With the change of times, the simple tactics that were used before to understand the general behaviour of the customers have lost their charm. Now it is really important that you know a great deal more about the current and the pre-existing customers to be able to ascertain those particular segments where you can make an approach with the marketing programs that you have. And it will come as a surprise to many of the marketers that the best customers they have, are certainly not the ones that they predicted to be.

The entire process of cloning & modelling is an extremely important one which allows the business owners to target a certain segment of prospects by identifying their behaviour and response to the offers that they provide. If you are new to the world of business, then with the help of customer cloning and modelling you can achieve great success by targeting the new customers.




We need not tell you more about the benefits of customer cloning. To understand the basics of the process it is important that you have a step by step guide to tell you the important steps to apply the procedure of cloning & modelling. So here we go:




This is certainly the first step to ensure that the whole procedure has is authentic. Make sure that you create a scope, where the prospects will be gaining much profit from the product of yours. Accurate ideas of the valuable profit that the prospect makes will certainly standardize the existing customer data that you have. There are many associations that provide simple and sure shot ways to normalize the current data that you have. By identifying each and every single customer’s identity, you can ensure that the current customer data that you have is standardized.




Once the existing customer data is standardized it is now time for the next step. This would be to make sure the consumer data is all verified and enhanced by using the valuable data fields. After the completion of that procedure, you are now provided with different tools that would analyse and decipher the attributes of the best and the loyal customers that you have.

These attributes will be later used to create a segment of targeted prospects that share the same attributes as the existing customers do. Attributes such as Business name, Email addresses, Street addresses, phone numbers and other essential contact details are gathered which when matched with the prospects list created a certain segment that would be the target of the marketers.




So everything else is done and you are now provided with a list of consumer data which is all set to analysed further. The whole point of the process is to determine a certain pathway for your marketing strategies which would bring success in your business. By analysing the results, you bring out the special characters from the loyal customers of your product.

These characteristics are an essential part of the success of your marketing strategies so that you can meet the goals set for your business.

And, how do you analyse the results? Simple! By asking certain questions such as ‘Which are the customers with the highest rate of purchase?’ or ‘which customers are the most regular ones?’ or ‘which customers purchase the most on the items from your company?’ these questions and much more such essential ones are excellent indicators of the type of the customers that are the most loyal ones for your company.




The next step in the process after the cleansing, gathering, compiling and analysing of the data is to add certain points of value to the customer data that you have. Many possible strategies are being used nowadays to assign the value to the customers and to make a segment out of the client base.

Strategies that focus mainly on the monetary values, the frequency re some of the most commonly used strategies or models by the marketers.

It is a much more easy process to decide on the prospect segment once the value is added to the customer data.




The next step in the procedure is creating suppression. Creating a file for customer suppression is an extremely easy task. Probably the easiest one in the lot. It is a cakewalk to create a file that will supress and differentiate the current customers, which you have from the potential future prospects.




Just preparing the whole thing is not enough. You need to know how to properly present it as well. This is the final step of the process after the whole cleaning, gathering, assigning and suppressing ordeal.


Customer cloning & modelling is certainly one of the most important procedures for generating new leads making sure that the sales of your company remain on the top.